Using Everyday Moments to Build Resilience

By:  Too Small to Fail

Source:Using Everyday Moments to Build Resilience

Using Every Day Moments to Build Resilience

Parents know that as hard as they may sometimes try, they can’t always shield their children from stressful situations or difficult circumstances. But we try to do everything we can to ensure that our children will have the tools they’ll need to succeed in life.

A new report by the Harvard Center on the Developing Child shows that when young children have a positive, healthy relationship with at least one loving adult in their lives, they develop important skills and abilities that will help them cope through stressful situations. This is what researchers call resilience.

The brain develops resilience through the every day moments of loving interaction between an adult and a child. Talking, reading, and singing regularly helps children build a stress buffer for whatever life brings in the future.


Show your child support and love by asking her how she’s feeling, or sharing how she makes you feel


Establishing reading routines is a great way to both create stability in a child’s life, and help develop the language skills that will prepare her for school. Try reading a book every night before putting your child to bed.


It can be soothing for children and adults to take a moment to be silly, especially during a busy, hectic day. Sing your favorite nursery rhyme on your car ride home, or try to make up a song together about the cars you pass as you go.