Support The Community Partnership for Children

There’s no better return on investment than the feeling you’ll get from knowing you’ve made a measurable, lasting difference in a child’s life. Your contribution can uplift a child and the entire community. There are many ways you can contribute to the CPC. Learn more about our goals and needs, then decide where your strengths, talents and/or financial contribution may be best utilized.

grandad-daughterCPC Goals

  1. Mobilize the entire community to make a lasting impact using a “total population” approach.
  2. Maximize the current triage system whereby families are enrolled in CPC Gateway programming.
  3. Engage all at-risk families prenatally, and all other families at or near birth.
  4. Further expand direct service collaboration and the number of families able to be enrolled in intensive programming by encouraging adaptation of evidence-based models among more local programs.
  5. Promote and facilitate the widespread, automated use of the Ages & Stages Questionnaire as a best practice in Brown County.
  6. Establish a long-term major investment strategy for the CPC. A financial sustainability plan is currently under development. It will leverage long-term investments from both private and public funders committed to supporting and growing the model. This will ideally occur as part of a broader, collaborative “cradle to career” effort in Brown County.

In addition to the direct service components of the CPC Gateway, there are five active CPC committees that are comprised of more than 90 volunteers who meet year-round working toward these goals.


If you have an interest in making a difference by volunteering your services or skills, please fill out an online volunteer form.


Make a financial investment in the CPC, or contact Sarah Inman at 920-593-4766 for more information.