What is The Community Partnership for Children?

The Community Partnership for Children (CPC) is a community change initiative coordinated by the Brown County United Way.

“By the time your baby is born, he or she has virtually all of the brain cells that he or she will use in a lifetime … Your baby’s environment has a tremendous impact on how his or her brain develops.”

Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year 2012

The mission of the CPC is to ensure that all children in our community are safe, healthy and ready for kindergarten. To accomplish this the United Way, in collaboration with multiple local partners, leverages resources to:

  • Reduce child abuse and neglect
  • Improve child health
  • Ensure optimal child development
  • Strengthen families

We work to make this vision a reality by identifying family needs prenatally and at the hospital, encouraging agency collaboration, raising community support and creating a prevention-based system of care for families.

A CPC Fund has been established at the Brown County United Way to increase service capacity for three core System of Care components (targeting children aged birth to five), which include:

  1. Welcome Baby Visits, parenting newsletters, resource guides and growth charts for parents with newborns.
  2. Follow-up assistance and coordinated, direct referrals to the full spectrum of community resources for families who need extra help.
  3. Increased availability of evidence-based, voluntary in-home visits, parenting support classes, structured playgroups and wraparound services within existing local agencies.

Through the CPC, people and organizations from all sectors of Brown County are working cooperatively to improve how all children and their families receive the help and information they need—right from the start.

The end result will be stronger families, thriving children and, over the long term, an improved future workforce and economy.


2014 Mid-Year Report